The world’s only all in one integrated satellite & cellular voice, data and tracking system.
  • In use with the US Air Force, Army,
    Navy and Marines (MILSPEC)
  • All in one design for easy installation
  • Multiple mapping service provider options
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Flightcell DZM: the world's most advanced satcom system

Flightcell DZM is the world's most advanced aviation satellite communications and tracking system, combining an Iridium satellite phone, GPS tracking, cellphone modem and music functionality.

Global satellite communications

DZM delivers two-way voice and data communications via an Iridium satellite transceiver.

Cellular, data and GPS flight tracking
Flightcell DZM also provides cellular modem options for voice and data, plus sophisticated ‘smart’ flight tracking, anywhere in the world via a range of mapping providers. The best thing is it’s all seamlessly integrated into a very compact, lightweight and environmentally sealed hub that's quick and easy to install.

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Panel mounted DZM hub with separate Iridium cradle.

Iridium satellite phone is portable for snap-and-go functionality. Antenna Included.

Flightcell DZM Remote Head
The Flightcell DZM Remote Head provides users of Flightcell DZM systems the capability to control their Iridium and cellular voice, data and tracking functions from multiple remote locations.

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Flightcell DZM feature set overview

Voice and Audio

Satellite calls
Iridium voice calls made easy.

Crystal clear audio
Voice calls with clarity.

Uninterrupted voice calls
Never lose a call due to tracking requirements.
  3G Cellular calls
3G offers better range and data speeds than CDMA or GSM. Exclusive to DZM.

Intercom integration
Direct integration into aircraft audio.
  Cabin handset
Cordless and wired handsets for your cabin.

Voice encryption
Secure calling at AES 256 Bit.



Messaging   Onboard sensor data   Optional data encryption
Get texts on screen, send texts to any location.

Connectivity for narrow-band IP to IP data solutions.

Transmit requirements before you land.
  Send vital onboard sensor data from your aircraft when it happens.

Get connected, stay in touch.
  Secure data with random key generation.

For your office in the air.

Tracking / Flight following

Tracking Options
  Event Based Tracking
  Auto Switching
Track your aircraft on a range of mapping systems - you choose.

True Path©
Where did your aircraft really go? We don’t just connect the dots.

High frequency distress notifications - and you can still use the phone.
  Track in-flight events: what, when and where

Continuous tracking
Keep tracking during voice calls.

In flight location tagging
Manually mark a point of interest.
  Switches to the cheapest available carrier and protocol automatically.

24/7 computer monitoring and SAR alert system. US Department of Interior AFF certified.

Special Features

Night Vision
  Rugged Sealed Hardware
  Low overall cost
NVG Compatible up to Mil Std 3009.

Remote configuration
Alter your DZM settings remotely.
  Withstands severe cold, heat, humidity, dust, moisture and vibration.

Mil Standard
Built to Mil Spec.
  Installation is the simplest on the market.

FAA STC, DO160 E&F, Mil 704, 804, 300p.

DZM Specifications

  Flightcell DZM2 Flightcell DZM3
part numbers DZP_02000    DZM2 Civilian DZP_03000    DZM3 Civilian
  DZP_02003    DZM2 Civilian with NVIS 3009 DZP_03100    DZM3 Military
  DZP_02100    DZM2 Military DZP_03101    DZM3 Encrypted Military
  DZP_02101    DZM2 Encrypted Military  
  DZP_02102    DZM2 Encrypted Military with NVIS 3009  
  DZP_02103    DZM2 Military with NVIS 3009  
Iridium transceiver Removable Iridium 9505/9555 phone in Flightcell Cradle
Built-in 9522B Iridium Modem
Optional cell modem(s) Airlink fastrack Xtend 3G Modem
Housing materials
Faceplate and Backplate - Machined from Aluminium 6061. Extrusion Aluminum 6061
power specs
Input voltage
12 - 32 VDC
Power supply current
Up to 250mA Up to 750mA
ICS transmit audio
Input: 6mVrms to 5Vrms adjustable. 775 mVrms nominal.
Input impedance 2700 Ohms
Mic bias voltage
9.8v via 560 Ohms
ICS receive audio
Output: 53mVrms. 775Vrms nominal
Output Impedance
150 Ohms
User Interface  
Keypad 16 key backlit silicone keypad
Standard Display NVIS B Compliance
Optional NVG Display Upgrade MIL 3009
Backlight Control VDC, 0-28V DC or 0-5V AC
Backlight colour
Green 540nm
1.65lbs (750g) - With cradle and phone 4.2-4.6lbs (1900-2100g)
2.75lbs (1250g)
Dimensions 146w  x 57h x 130d mm 146w x 57h x 230d
Main Connector D38999/24WE-35PN D25
Cell Modem Connector Via Main Connector D15
Serial PC Connection Via Main Connector D9
Iridium Antenna Connector Via Cradle and Main connector TNC
GPS Antenna Connector TNC BNC
Certification & Testing
Certification D0160E, sections 8 (Vib) 15 (Mag) 21 (EMI) DO160F Sections 15-21 & 25
  Mil 704
  FAA STC KC10, AS 350,AS355,Bell 206/407
FAA STC AS 350,AS355,Bell 206/407
Data and Interface  
Supported communication protocols RS 232, RS422
Iridium Voice, SMS. SBD
Optional 3G cellular (modem) Voice, SMS
Optional 2 Wire /POTS cabin handset Yes
Optional 256 Bit AES encryption Yes
Embedded Features  
Phone book capacity 50 numbers
Text messaging Yes
Speed dial Yes
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