Assess the fire front and hot spots, and stay in control of costs.

Firefighting Tracking Solution

The Flightcell DZMx firefighting solution provides for automatic and real-time remote reporting of key events, along with pin-point position information. Multiple on-board inputs are combined with tracking data and sent to the command centres so they can direct resources to where they are most needed.

DZMx key event and tracking information includes:

  • Start up, hover and stop 
  • Engine and in-flight status
  • Location and volume of water picked up
  • Exact flight path data
  • Location and volume of water and additive released

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Hamish Neill talks about DZMx communication solutions for working aircraft.
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Voice and data is transmitted over satellite networks when in remote locations, and cellular networks when in range. Handover between cellular and satellite is automatic and seamless. This creates a significant cost saving compared to satellite only transmission.

This capability allows aircraft operators to meet U.S. and Australian firefighting reporting requirements.


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