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Offering the greatest range of options for GPS tracking and mapping solution providers. You are not locked in and can change providers if and when you want to. We integrate with a number of classified military and private mapping service providers. If you have a requirement for this please contact us.

Hamish Neill talks about unlocked aircraft tracking and DZMx tracking providers.
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TracPlus Global provides a mission critical platform upon which emergency services, first responders, government agencies and private corporations can quickly and easily share real time global tracking of critical assets (aircraft, vehicles, vessels and personnel) with each other to create a common, shared view of any situation where people are operating in harm's way.

 TracPlus enables operators to choose tracking hardware that best meets mission requirements and securely participate in hastily formed collaborative networks for emergency management and response.


Customer Story

The world's leading aircraft situation display (ASD) system - software designed to support the advanced capabilities of Flightcell DZM hardware.

Flight Explorer goes beyond flight tracking, incorporating multiple data feeds, dynamic weather overlays, situational alerts and forecast weather, and air traffic tools to make FE Professional an essential flight operations management tool.

Guardian Mapping Premium Edition
Built using Google mapping technology, Guardian's mapping is intuitive and powerful, allowing operators to see their aircraft in real-time. Designed to give operators the critical information they need, when they need it, with as few mouse clicks as possible.

 Fully integrated with Flightcell DZM
* Intuitive navigation tools within the map.
* Multiple windows for tracking aircraft in different locations.
* Messaging directly from the DZM to the map and much more.


SkyNet Reach Aeronautical - a revolutionary aviation data software solution is here. SkyNet Aviation is a fully integrated aviation data software solution that has revolutionised the way aviation business communicates and operates on a global scale. 

 Our Cross Data Integration solution (XDI) provides real time collaborative data across all business functions, in a way your business understands. XDI connects data from multiple hardware systems, maximising information potential and giving your business more choice around data usage. Put simply, SkyNet Aviation unlocks valuable real time data, customises it for your business, allows all business functions to interact with the data, and improves knowledge and operational capacity.

SkyNet empowers your business to:
 • Access real time data in moments of crisis
 • Better manage data and improve day-to-day operations
 • Provide accurate and timely data across all business functions, reducing risk and protecting assets
 • Customise and integrate data from a variety of hardware sources
 • Readily access measurable statistics.

Troo M2M Location Intelligence Services
Since 2004 Troo has served resource tracking customers with solutions for aviation tracking, emergency response dispatch, fleet management, fixed asset monitoring and geospatial analytics/publishing.

The trooM2M Platform provides OEMs, VARS and enterprises in 50 countries with brandable M2M cloud-services, GIS mapping and airtime for tracking their assets and enabling existing database systems/applications with real-time intelligence from connected devices.


Global Nav - Brazil
Built using Google mapping technology, Global Nav's mapping is intuitive and powerful, allowing operators to see their aircraft in real-time. It is designed to give operators a friendly interface and be easy to use.

• Fully integrated with Flightcell DZM
• Intuitive navigation tools within the map
• Maintenance, operation and many others reports
• Messaging directly from DZM to map and vice versa
• Award winner mapping software 


SkyTrac - Canada
SkyWeb is SKYTRAC System’s world renowned web-based mapping and system management program that works seamlessly with Flightcell DZM. This innovative software allows clients to monitor fleets and run reports from one secure, user friendly interface.
• Real-time global communication
• Supports FDM, FOQA and MOQA
• Weather and Aeronautical chart overlays
• Data forwarding
• Historical flight data
• Customisable reporting and event notifications
• Mobile phone application
• 24/7 client support


Outerlink Global Solutions - USA
Outerlink’s Console is fully integrated with Flightcell DZM. Console provides interactive real-time tracking for your air and ground assets. A robust historical backend, open API, and on-demand customisations allow the consumer to define their user experience. The cloud based software can be accessed from any device with connectivity.

Highlights include:
 • FAA approved weather overlays
 • NOAA environmental feeds
 • Open API for custom software coding
 • Up to 5 years of geocoded historical flight data
 • Mature and intuitive (see slideshow)
 • Automatic free enhancements/upgrades
 • 24/7 complimentary customer supportse.


Spidertracks - USA
The main thing spidertracks does differently to other tracking providers is make it simple for you. Data from your Flightcell DZM can be easily displayed on the spidertracks website in real time allowing flight operations to see where your aircraft are from anywhere in the world. You can either view full track information of each aircraft or all aircraft on one screen, including the GPS position and event information.
If you have existing spidertracks hardware, the Flightcell DZM data will be combined in one account, so all tracking data is shown in one screen. And because spidertracks is a web based application, there is no need to install software, you can view flights from any computer with internet.


  • Low cost cellular network tracking
  • Auto-switching between cellular & satellite
  • Event based tracking
  • Truepath© for greater accuracy
  • Uninterrupted tracking when on voice calls
  • Optional transmission of sensor data

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