An Easier Upgrade Path to Flightcell DZMx for Existing Satcom Users

21 January 2019

Flightcell International are simplifying the replacement of legacy satellite equipment. Operators can now upgrade to the latest satellite & cellular hybrid technology, with minimal cost and minimal downtime.

Flightcell are releasing a new variant of the market leading Flightcell DZMx with a new form-factor to replace legacy Iridium Satellite equipment. Unlike the DZMx that was designed for the cockpit, the new Flightcell DZMx Plus mounts on the existing tray in the avionics bay of an aircraft. It is a straight LRU swap-out for aging tray mounted satcom tracking systems.

There will be very little installation needed. In most cases an additional cellular blade antenna will be added to take advantage of the DZMx’s cellular voice and data capabilities.

John Wyllie, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, of Flightcell International, had this to say about the new product: "We are pleased to be able to offer a simple upgrade path for satellite communication and tracking systems. There are a lot of legacy systems out there and their operations would benefit from an upgrade, particularly in the EMS sector. There are significant cost-savings to be had by moving to the DZMx hybrid satellite and cellular installed system”.

The Flightcell DZMx Plus has more space available than the existing Flightcell DZMx, providing scope for expansion of hardware and future capabilities. The unit is controlled from the cockpit or cabin by the Flightcell DZMx Remote Head Unit. The DZMx Plus will have all the features of the DZMx, including the same functions, menu structure and user interface.

Upgraded aircraft can also benefit from built in WiFi and Bluetooth®, digital HD audio, Hobbs Meter, direction finding, FDM transport, Flight Data Recording (FDR), Open VPN, and Marine AIS. The Flightcell DZMx is an unlocked system so end users can sign up to any Flightcell approved tracking provider and any Iridium Satellite service provider.

Flightcell will be showcasing the DZMx Plus at Heli-Expo in Anaheim at booth 5742 – adjacent to Leonardo Helicopters.

About Flightcell International Ltd
Flightcell International is a global producer of airborne integrated-mobile communications, providing satellite and cellular data, voice and tracking to over 4000 commercial and military aircraft worldwide. Flightcell are the innovators and manufacturers of Flightcell DZMx, the world’s only all-in-one Iridium and cellular solution for voice, data, and aircraft tracking. For more information, contact Flightcell International Limited, phone +64 3 545 8651, email, visit or follow them on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter.