Flightcell DZMx to add Engine Cycle Counting to its Résumé

16 November 2017

Successful integration between the Flightcell DZMx and the AKV ETM1000 Engine Trend Monitoring system has taken place at AKV’s facilities in Camarillo, California. This marriage of communications equipment and engine monitoring equipment is sure to get the attention of legacy helicopter operators who want to maximize engine lifecycles. It is particularly attractive to operators who already have the DZMx installed. 

In addition to satellite and cellular voice, data and tracking services, this solution provides engine and exceedance monitoring, cycle count information, trend information, and the option to send accurate cycle count data off the aircraft. Audible and visual exceedance warnings are available in the cockpit and pilots are prompted to manually record required cycle count information from the display, at the completion of a day’s flying and prior to the data being sent.

“We are providing legacy aircraft operators with a highly effective and affordable means of monitoring engine parameters, exceedances, cycle counts and trends” says Hamish Neill, VP, Flightcell International. “you have the option to use the DZMx as an on-board cycle counter as well as remotely send the data to a tracking service provider.”

Throughout the integration and testing; drive train and cycle count data was accurately displayed on the front panel of the DZMx. This information included Ng and Np total cycles as well as revenue/run time, engine starts and flight time. The data was sent to TracPlus, who developed full support in their mapping solution for Engine Cycle Counting in parallel with Flightcell and AKV.

Certification of the combined DZMx and ETM1000 solution is anticipated for early in the New Year. Inquire now at: info@flightcell.com.

About Flightcell International Ltd
Flightcell International is a global producer of airborne integrated-mobile communications, providing satellite and cellular data, voice and tracking to over 3500 commercial and military aircraft worldwide. Flightcell are the innovators and manufacturers of Flightcell DZMx, the world’s only all-in-one Iridium and cellular solution for voice, data, and aircraft tracking. For more information, contact Flightcell International Limited, phone +64 3 545 8651, email info@flightcell.com, visit www.flightcell.com or follow them on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, & Twitter.

About AKV
For over 15 years AKV Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of helicopter engine monitoring systems for a variety of helicopter models. AKV Inc. provides the next logical step in the evolution of legacy helicopter engine monitoring systems. The company is located in Camarillo, CA. USA. www.akvinc.com

About TracPlus
TracPlus provides mission-critical global tracking and communication services to private and business customers and governmental organisations worldwide. TracPlus works closely with Flightcell International and other leading manufacturers to ensure the accurate tracking and monitoring of aviation, maritime, and terrestrial assets to dramatically improve safety and operational outcomes. www.tracplus.com