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You'll find DZM's on these Aircraft

By Flightcell
Flightcell DZM products have been in the marketplace since 2006. First there was the DZM1, followed by DZM2 and DZM3, and since 2013, the DZMx. There are well over 4,000 units in operation worldwide and the majority are on first responder and military aircraft.

CEO’s Extreme Commitment to Product Testing

By Rob Neil
Flightcell’s CEO, John Wyllie, an experienced helicopter pilot, recently put his own product to the ultimate test—with himself as the subject.

How much does SATCOM cost for Aircraft?

By Flightcell
In this article we provide information on the different type of satellite equipment for aircraft, including their purchase price, operating costs, and the capabilities of each.

How DZMx Bluetooth Works

By Flightcell
The DZMx Bluetooth works like your car stereo Bluetooth. When you enter your vehicle, your phone connects automatically to the car stereo and streaming audio and voice calls are audible over the car stereo speakers.

DZMx WiFi Explained

By Flightcell
The Flightcell DZMx WiFi works the same as a home or office network router. You connect a smart device to it using default SSID “DZMx WiFi” and default password “Flightcell”. You can also connect WiFi capable equipment (e.g. medical monitor).

How the COVID-19 National Directive Impacts Flightcell

By Flightcell
NOTE: This blog post will be updated as circumstances change.
We have weathered the New Zealand Government's Level 4 restrictions, for the eradication of COVID-19 in New Zealand!

Mission Marking

By Flightcell
This operational capability of the Flightcell DZMx has been designed to meet the needs of the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS), however it could be used for any type of helicopter or fixed wing mission.

Manifest Detection

By Flightcell
This is a licensed DZMx feature that automatically detects assets on an aircraft, and if required, transmits manifest information to an operations centre.

The Legalities of Cellular Communications from the Air

By Flightcell International
We sometimes get asked about the legality of using cellular technology from aircraft, particularly in the United States. This article discusses the history, the current regulations and the practicalities associated with it.

New DZMx Firmware Platform

By Flightcell
DZMx firmware platform 4 (v4.x.x) is on-track to be implemented before the end of Q2 2020. This firmware platform supports a new CPU that will be capable of supporting the data requirements of the DZMx for many years to come.