Posts From June, 2020

Flightcell DZMx Geofencing Capability

By Flightcell
If you are going to be flying for hours in a confined area you may wish to suspend aircraft tracking. There's no point sending GPS reports if they are not required, so there is a cost saving here. A good example of this is agriculture spraying.

Transfer files to and from an aircraft with Dropbox

By Flightcell
How do you transfer large files from an aircraft to the ground and from the ground to an aircraft? Use Dropbox of course!

The Future of Airborne Cellular Comms

By Flightcell
In the mid 1990’s we were the first to pair a cell phone to a helicopter intercom system. Fast forward 25 years, and the use of cellular technology in aviation and aerospace has become widespread. It’s now used by many first responders, government agencies, business aircraft and commercial airlines. And more recently it has become an essential technology for drones that operate beyond line of sight.