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Don't back yourself into a corner with STC's and part numbers

By Flightcell

The Flightcell DZMx does not normally require a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for an installation. In most cases (more than 95%) the product has been installed under a minor alteration as per this FAA guidance form. For additional guidance from the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) click here.

The DZMx does not affect performance, structure, weight and balance or flight characteristics, etc of the aircraft, as per FAA Advisory Circular 120-77.

However, there are circumstances where a customer may prefer to install under a STC, example being that the aircraft is to be exported. And there are times when a STC is required - an example of this is when an external antenna is to be installed on a pressurised airframe (an STC is required for the antenna but not the DZMx).

When applying for an STC approval, the details are important. It is advisable to list the product and part number only - not the full product number, as this includes dash numbers. Describe the product as a 'Flightcell DZMx, part number DZP_04-xxx-xxx'.

If the dash numbers are specified, or if the description is in-full, the STC will may match the product if the DZMx's configuration is ever updated or changed. For example, the unit may have changed from a DZP_04-100-B (Flightcell DZMx DZUS with Sat only) to a DZP_04-800-BPW (Flightcell DZMx DZUS with Sat, APAC/SA Cell & WiFi Bluetooth Capable).

Likewise, it is important not to be too specific about where it will be located. Think 'cockpit' and not ' centre pedestal' or 'co-pilot overhead panel'. STC’s are much better if they can be as broad as possible so as to cater for different aircraft configurations.