How the DZMx Works with a Cradle

By Flightcell

In this article we explain how the Flightcell DZMx works in-tandem with the Flightcell Cradle and an Iridium phone, for a versatile grab and go capability.

The Flightcell Cradle is a docking station for a handheld Iridium phone (9555, Extreme/9575). It is a secure place to store and charge the phone in the aircraft. It also connects to an external antenna for an unobstructed view skyward, however portability is the main attraction.  The Iridium phone can be removed from the aircraft when on terra firma and returned to the docking station for secure storage and charging for take off.

The most common DZMx configuration is an internal cellular modem and an internal Iridium satellite modem; however, an external satellite modem option exists for the Cradle + phone combination. instead of purchasing a DZMx with two internal modems it is possible to purchase a DZMx with an internal cellular modem and an Iridium phone in a Flightcell Cradle. The phone is purchased from an Iridium stockist.

The most common use cases for this system are helicopter military, SAR and law enforcement operations.