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New DZMx Capabilities

By Flightcell

Beyond its WiFi, Bluetooth® and HD audio support, the latest Platform 3 DZMx firmware is packing a real punch - releasing a host of new capabilities.

These features and functionality have been requested by customers or designed by our creative in-house software team. The goal, as always, is to increase the effectiveness of helicopter and light fixed wing operations and make life easier for pilots and crew. Here’s a summary of the new capabilities:

Flight Data
•    Total Time Airframe Hours (Hobbs Meter) recorded and reported.
•    Daily Flight Timer.
•    Trip Timer.
•    Flight Data Recorder (FDR) with email notifications.

Network Support
•    Additional settings to enable and disable individual cellular bands.
•    The ability to log and report on cellular and satellite network coverage.

Usability & Compatibility
•    DZMx Connect app for smart devices (Apple & Android support) and browser application for Windows PC’s and mission computers.
•    Remote diagnostic and firmware update support.
•    User control of audio alerts.
•    Bluetooth and WiFi on/off inhibit control (EASA requirement).
•    XUI interface (for display and control of DZMx on glass cockpits, mission computers and legacy mission management displays) can now be implemented on both ARINC-429 and RS485 data buses.
•    Additional/enhanced Iridium Push-To-Talk (PTT) features – including caller location.
•    Helicopter rotor brake and winch reporting for the NZ National Ambulance Sector Office.

The Hobbs meter capability is particularly noteworthy for its ability to save time and provide accurate records. Upon landing the DZMx automatically sends meter readings to 3rd party tracking and/or maintenance software, e.g. FlightCert

The Flightcell software development team are continually working on further capabilities and enhancements, with new updates being released on a regular basis.

Click here to upgrade your DZMx’s to Platform 3 firmware with supporting hardware. Charges apply.