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New DZMx Platform Takes Flight

By Flightcell

The release of built in WiFi and Bluetooth for the Flightcell DZMx has meant an overhaul of the product's architecture, and with it, some exciting new capabilities.

Until now, all DZMx’s in service have been running version 1 or version 2 firmware. The latest version 3 firmware offers up a future-proofed platform that is compatible with wireless smart devices.

WiFi provides an onboard hotspot and router for smart devices and connected equipment aboard the aircraft. Bluetooth allows you to pair a smart device to the aircraft ICS/headset – like you do in your car when you pair to the car audio system. Click here to check out the DZMx Connect app that works with DZMx WiFi.

The DZMx hardware has also been improved; including an enhanced audio board that produces HD quality voice. Customers will notice a dramatic improvement in audio quality as a result.

New units will be shipped with version 3 firmware and the can be ordered with or without WiFi and/or Bluetooth and they can even be ordered as WiFi and/or Bluetooth ready if the functionality is likely to be needed at a later date. The remote activation is done using a software key. Contact Flightcell or contact your Reseller for more information.

New DZMx’s can also be ordered with or without WiFi or Bluetooth hardware and capability.

Existing DZMx customers have several upgrade options and they are:

  • Option 1: Upgrade to fully operational WiFi (incl Bluetooth and v3 firmware)
  • Option 2: Upgrade to fully operational Bluetooth only (inc v3 firmware)
  • Option 3: Upgrade to WiFi or Bluetooth ready. Can activate functionality remotely at a later date with this option. (inc v3 firmware)
  • Option 4: Upgrade firmware only, to keep up with software feature developments/product enhancements. Summary of ordering options & product code

Advanced replacement options available as an additional service. Click here for upgrade documentation.

New and upgrade options and their associated product codes
* Bundled free of charge