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What it means to be an Unlocked Product

By Flightcell

Here at Flightcell we often preach that we have an ‘unlocked product’ and it is often referred to as being ‘vendor agnostic’, but what does that mean? Simply put; it means you can use our DZMx product platform with any tracking service provider, and you can purchase airtime from any service provider. However, it is much more than that.

Just like an unlocked cell phone, you have complete freedom to shop around and select a service provider that meets your needs, without getting tied to the company you purchased the hardware from. Anyone can take our feed and implement a tracking system, according to our software development kit, however these providers are established and recommended. Please note that not all providers support all DZMx features.

You can purchase Flightcell DZMx units and introduce them to a fleet running legacy hardware, allowing you to start benefiting from latest hardware technology and enjoy a phased-in approach, without having to standardise the entire fleet all at once.

If you are being forced to forward tracking data to your hardware manufacturers server then on to your chosen mapping provider, chances are that the ticket is being clipped by the manufacturer and you are paying for both services. DZMx data goes directly to your mapping service, not Flightcell, so there is no double dipping!

Don’t put up with it anymore - go unlocked, make informed choices, equip your fleet with the latest technology, and reduce your operational costs.

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