Data offload, messaging, internet access, email and much more...

Messaging and broadband data via connected devices

With its built-in modem or modems, Flightcell DZMx gives you the ability to use a connected PC, tablet or keypad to create, send and receive messages and email. Flightcell DZMx messaging options:

Canned messaging for speed and convenience

Quickly send pre-loaded messages direct from your DZMx to a cellphone, satphone or map.

Select user-programmable canned messages, choose your network based on cost and availability, and send messages via Iridium SBD, Iridium SMS and cellular SMS.

Flight data - FDM, FDR & timers

Flight Data Monitoring (FDM)

  The DZMx has the ability to transport 3rd party FDM data and exceedances off the aircraft in real-time. This is achieved using low-cost cellular data transmission.

Flight Data Recording (FDR)

Flightcell DZMx FDR meets FAA rule 135.607 - FDMS for Helicopter Air Ambulances. It has a built-in inertial measurement unit and barometric pressure sensor allowing it to record pitch, roll, acceleration, angular rate, and altitude. GPS location information is logged against these parameters.

DZMx FDR can be configured to automatically email flight data upon landing. Data is downloaded and viewed using DZMx Connect or via the DZMx API. It has the ability to store approximately 20 flights worth of data before the SD card is overwritten.

Flight Timers

The DZMx provides Total Time Airframe Hours (TTAF) - also known as Hobbs Meter, this records all flight time in hours and tenths of hours. A Daily Flight Timer (DFT) and a trip timer are also available.

Flight Data Page in DZMx Connect App

Multiple connection options for your devices

Connect onboard operational devices to DZMx using:

  • RS-232, RS-432, RS-485
  • ARINC 429
  • Military D38999
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • WiFi & Bluetooth

Aircraft sensor inputs & outputs

Multiple data inputs are available with the DZMx. Inputs are commonly used to send data for change states, such as collector position, engine on/off, wheels up/down etc. They also report measured quantities from load cells and other calibrated equipment, in particular fire buckets and tanks.

There are 5 standard switched inputs (digital or analogue) plus an optional expansion card provides 7 more inputs. There are two digital outputs.

Display Integration

It is possible to replicate the Flightcell DZMx display on 3rd party display units and mission computers. This is achieved with custom integration using XUI, ARINC and RS485 protocols.

Flightcell can assist with this. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

USB & Ethernet connection hub

We strongly recommend all DZMx installations include the USB & Ethernet connection hub, which is available with Civil or Military connections. USB is used for uploading firmware updates, and Ethernet provides a data connection.

Cellular data demonstration video

In this short video, we demonstrate Flightcell DZMx surfing the internet using cellular data.

Industry specific solutions from Flightcell DZMx

DZMx's on-board apps provide solutions across a range of industries and applications.
Click on the images below for more detail.

Fire Fighting


Air medical & SAR

Law Enforcement

Regional Airlines


DZMx Voice, PTT, Tracking and Features

To find out more about Flightcell DZMx' specific capabilities, click on the information linked below.
You can then go on to view DZMx' specifications.

Global in-flight voice comms:
Enable cabin and cockpit voice communications via satellite and cellular networks.
Global one-to-many:
DZMx's new Iridium® PTT capability provides fast, secure global one-to-many comms.
DGPS tracking and events:
Enjoy dual mode uninterrupted satellite and 3G/4G tracking with a provider that you choose.
The only all-in-one satcom:
Our world-beating design packs twice the functionality into a box half the size.