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Cellular IP tracking gives you more GPS positions at a much lower price point than traditional tracking.  And if you are still using satellite tracking only, there are significant savings to be made.

Cellular IP tracking works by using standard cellular broadband data services combined with Internet protocol (IP) routing, instead of cellular SMS or satellite data services. This means the geographical location of the aircraft, and the location of the tracking service provider, are not an issue. The tracking service provider no longer incurs SMS gateway charges, so these costs are no longer passed on to the end user. 

These cost savings are additional to the standard cost savings of cellular communications compared to the use of satellite carriers. This technology is now available and affordable if you have a cellular card installed in your DZMx.

Calculate potential savings

Tracking data points are now recorded in intervals of seconds as opposed to minutes, providing much greater tracking accuracy. The system auto-switches between satellite and cellular networks to take advantage of lower transmission costs when in cellular data range. Position reporting rate reverts to longer, more cost-effective intervals when using satellite data services

For an aircraft travelling at 120 knots (222 km/h or 138 mph):

  • 15 second reporting = positions 925 m or 0.57 miles apart
  • 60 sec reporting = positions 3.7 km or 2.3 miles apart
  • Cellular data
  • More positions
  • IP routing
  • Auto-handover between cell and sat
  • Reduced tracking costs
  • Auto throttle-back when using satellite

“TracPlus is delighted to support this potentially disruptive technology that Flightcell is building into their next generation DZMx. We take pride in supporting our Flightcell DZMx owners, and this initiative will increase the frequency of tracking and messaging, delivering major benefits to end users. TracPlus is already developing new exciting capabilities using this technology that will transform the cockpit environment and dramatically improve efficiencies.”

Chris Hinch
Chief Operating Officer, TracPlus Global Ltd

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