Global Satellite PTT Communications from your Cockpit

Iridium® PTT for Aviation

Flightcell DZMx is now equipped with Iridium® Push-To-Talk (PTT) - a global one-to-many capability that takes the traditional “walkie talkie” concept to a whole new level.

What is Iridium PTT?

Iridium® PTT uses Iridium's constellation of 66 cross-linked low-earth orbit satellites to provide PTT communications between people anywhere on the globe.

Using an Iridium® PTT command center you define coverage areas and user talkgroups. As  situations evolve you can make changes that are carried out within seconds. In any talkgroup you  can define up to 10 service areas located across the globe. Interoperability allows different  organisations to communicate when they need to. Iridium PTT comes with AES-256 encryption –  one of the most secure standards available.

Rapid switching between phone and PTT mode

The DZMx switches between its standard phone mode and PTT mode at the push of a button. Finish a person-to-person call, switch mode, and a few seconds later be talking to a team of people. The reverse also applies.

Aircraft with DZMx PTT have global access to:

  • Other aircraft with DZMx PTT
  • Ground units using Iridium® Extreme PTT handsets
  • Vechicles equipped with DZMx PTT
  • Command posts with DZMx PTT ground stations

Uninterrupted tracking

There is uninterrupted tracking between phone and PTT modes. Whether you go out of network range, make a call or send data, DZMx keeps tracking by auto-switching to the best available option:

Flightcell DZMx with Iridium® Push-to-Talk provides:

  • Fast & secure one-to-many comms
  • Dual mode phone and PTT capability
  • Automatic registration
  • Rapid switching between phone and PTT modes
  • Fast talkgroup selection
  • Talker ID

More about DZMx Voice, Tracking, Data and features:

Want to know more about Flightcell DZMx? Check out the additional information linked below and then go on to view DZMx' specifications.

Global in-flight voice comms:
Enable cabin and cockpit voice communications via satellite and cellular networks.
DGPS tracking and events:
Enjoy dual mode uninterrupted satellite and 3G/4G tracking with a provider that you choose.
Send and receive data globally:
Get full global data coverage via Iridium narrowband and 3G/4G broadband networks.
The only all-in-one satcom:
Our world-beating design packs twice the functionality into a box half the size.