DZMx is the world’s only aircraft satcom system that allows you the freedom to select from multiple voice and data configurations.

Flightcell DZMx employs a clever, modular design that allows multiple transceiver configuration options, and room for future expansion.

You can have 1 or 2 internal transceivers, plus optional expansion to include:

  • ARINC429
  • Data inputs
  • A second Ethernet port

Your multi-channel options include:

  • Single or dual Iridium satellite channels (internal)
  • Iridium plus 3G/4G LTE cellular
  • + Iridium handset in connected Flightcell cradle (external)

Global satcom and cellular voice for aircraft

Wherever you fly in the world,  Flightcell DZMx provides full global voice communications via the Iridium satellite and broadband cellular networks, so you’re always connected.

Integrated voice calls via your aircraft’s ICS

DZMx provides  satcom and cellular communications through your aircraft's intercom. Experience high-quality voice through your headset and pair mobile devices with Bluetooth.

Two independent voice channels

The option of dual internal modems provides voice flexibility, giving you simultaneous calling from cabin phone and cockpit. Make calls from the keypad or a connected smart device using the DZMx Connect app.

Superior digital audio

DZMx is a full digital audio system (input and output) for optimal sound quality and clarity when you need it most.

User adjustable audio

  • Adjust mic volume
  • Adjust headset volume.

Audio optimisation settings

Audio input and output levels are fully adjustable. You can set the volume to and from your audio system/ICS and save and restore the optimised settings using the DZM Manager or DZMx Connect app.

Speed dial numbers

Store all of your contacts using the built-in phone book menu and take advantage of the three speed dial keys. Update and manage your contacts using DZMx Connect software.

The Turkish Air Force SAR Cougars required high quality voice comms that they could rely on - especially when operating military missions in remote locations with challenging terrain.

Customer Story

Standard phone keypad layout

No training required.

DZMx is the only satcom system that uses this standard and familiar phone keypad layout.

DZMx features, PTT, Data and Tracking capabilities

To find out more about Flightcell DZMx' specific capabilities, click on the information linked below.
You can then go on to view DZMx' specifications.

The only all-in-one satcom:
Our world-beating design packs twice the functionality into a box half the size.
Global one-to-many:
DZMx's new Iridium® PTT capability provides fast, secure global one-to-many comms.
DGPS tracking and events:
Enjoy dual mode uninterrupted satellite and 3G/4G tracking with a provider that you choose.
Send and receive data globally:
Get full global data coverage via Iridium narrowband and 3G/4G broadband networks.