Flightcell Pro

The world’s most versatile portable communications integration hub.

Flightcell Pro provides users more options to connect everything to and from their intercom system in a robust, portable and compact unit.

Flightcell Pro now connects the widest range of devices of all products available today including satellite phones, giving you true global communication. Flightcell Pro also wirelessly connects your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone to facilitate voice calls.

Flightcell Pro connects to:

  • Satellite phone
  • Aviation radio
  • iPod/music player (not BT compatible)
  • Cellphone
  • Non aviation radio
  • Video camera & more

Flightcell Pro is trusted by many military and civil organisations worldwide to provide them with the critical voice communications on the move.

Flightcell Pro models

GA / Civil

For general / civilian fixed wing aircraft. Connects using 2 x 6.5mm phono jacks.


For users who fly helicopters. Connects using 1 x NATO jack.


For BOSE stereo headset users. Connects using the BOSE jack.

Dual Impedance

A dual impedance  military option. Connects using any military jack.

Feature set overview

Satellite Phones

Integrates Iridium / Thuraya / Inmarsat satelitte phones.


Allows you to connect and use your cellphone through the ICS. 

iPod /MP3 

Listen to your iPod or MP3 through your aviation headset (not BT compatible).

Handheld Transceivers

Connect and use a wide range of handheld PTT radios.

Bluetooth connection

Connect your bluetooth enabled phone to your ICS, wirelessly. 

Audio output for video

Record voice audio from your headset onto a connected video recorder. 

Built to Mil-Spec

Flightcell Pro is used in more than 2000 military aircraft and counting.

Two place voice activated intercom 

Connect a second headset and it's a dual VOX two place intercom. 

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Flightcell Pro Specifications