Flightcell products provide solutions across a range of industries and applications

Hamish Neill talks about DZMx communication solutions for commercial aircraft.

Air Medical and Search & Rescue

Flightcell DZMx Air Medical Search and Rescue

Being proactive can be the difference.

Flightcell’s DZMx air medical and search & rescue solution allows the aircrew and the hospital/base to be in constant contact, sharing critical patient and location information.

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Law Enforcement

Flightcell DZMx Law Enforcement

Talk directly with officers on the ground.

Flightcell’s DZMx law enforcement solution provides confidential point-to-point communication between airborne and ground staff using the cellular and satellite network, coupled with real-time tracking capability.

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Flightcell DZMx Military

We've got your back.

Flightcell’s DZMx military solution provides robust global communications when and where you need it most. And when talking isn't enough, a rescue team is only a key-press away.

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Flightcell DZMx Fire fighting

In the fight against fire, precise data gives you the edge.

Flightcell’s DZMx firefighting solution provides for the automatic and real-time recording of key operational events, along with positional data, so you can manage your resources more effectively.

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Flightcell DZMx Agriculture

Simplify your operations and say goodbye to manual records.

Flightcell’s DZMx agriculture solution automates all your recording and reporting whilst optimising load data and providing real-time position information. No pilot intervention is required.

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Regional Airlines

Flightcell DZMx Regional Airlines

Improved aircraft turn-around time is a reality.

Flightcell’s DZMx regional airline solution improves service and turn-around time by automatically sending real-time aircraft operational data (000I) along with manifest and cargo information.

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