You can virtually do away with manual records and cut your costs.

DZMx Agriculture Solution

The Flightcell DZMx agriculture solution provides for automatic recording and real-time reporting of key events along with position information. This data is taken automatically from a combination of on-board information and external wireless feeds from loaders.

DZMx key event and tracking information includes:

  • Engine start up and stop events
  • Run-time
  • Take-off / landing events
  • Data stamped with position and time
  • Job and daily totals
  • Manual aircraft log (engine records) and aircraft configuration
  • Pilot duty times
  • Load weight per lift (also displayed to the pilot in the cockpit)

Bruce Peterson, the Managing Director of Aerospread had this to say:

"The DZMx is a pretty cool piece of kit. Wireless data from the loader scales is displayed to the pilot in the cockpit and from a remote location we can monitor load weights, take-off and landing times and the aircraft flight path. We are able to calculate the area covered and compare what was used and we can even send map information from one aircraft to another - allowing it to start where the previous aircraft left off. 

This system is an enabler for economic success. Just recently we noticed a pilot was being affected by wind and the job was becoming uneconomical. As a result of this data, we were able to direct him to another, more profitable, location. 

From a safety perspective we can ensure the aircraft are not being overloaded and in the event of an accident the rescue helicopter can be directed to the exact location in a matter of minutes."

Hamish Neill talks about DZMx communication solutions for working aircraft.

Auto-switch between satellite and cellular networks

Voice and data is transmitted over satellite when in remote locations and cellular when in range. Handover between cellular and satellite is seamless for tracking which provides significant cost saving when compared to satellite only transmission.

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