Engine Monitoring & Cycle Counting

Engine monitoring, recording and cycle counting is now available with the Flightcell DZMx in partnership with AKV Inc's ETM1000 engine data acquisition unit. Together, they provide  legacy operators with a highly effective and affordable means of monitoring engine parameters, exceedances, cycle counts and trends. FAA certified airframes and engines are:

  • AS350 with Arriel 1 or LTS101
  • Bell Medium with T53 for the UH-1, 201, 205 & 210
  • Bell 212 Eagle Single with T53
  • Bell 214 with T55

In this partnership the DZMx is the enabler for the cycle counting. Drive train and cycle count data is displayed on the DZMx display in the cockpit for the pilot to acknowledge and record. After acknowledgement from the pilot, the cycle count data is sent off the aircraft direct to the tracking provider.

Alert tones and panel mounted push-button annunciators provide the pilot with audible and visual warnings and help prevent exceedances.

ETM1000 Engine Data Acquisition Unit

Engine Parameters

Measures, records and displays all drive train parameters. Real-time readings displayed on the DZMx.


Monitors drive train parameters and looks for exceedances.  Audible alerts for the pilot, visible warning indicators and push-button annunctiators.

Cycle Counting

Records and reports cycle counts. Cycle count data sent off the aircraft via the DZMx.

Trend Monitoring

Monitors all drive train parameters over time and displays them on custom graphic software.

Engine parameters recorded:

  • N1 - Gas producer
  • N2 - Free turbine
  • Nr - Rotor
  • MGT - Measured Gas Temp
  • Tq - Torque
  • OAT - Outside Air Temp
  • MPA - Pressure altitude
  • Airspeed switch
  • Flight time
  • Engine run-time

  • Engine starts
  • Aircraft registration #

ETM1000 Brochure 

Ng & Np parameters & cycles displayed by the DZMx:

  • Speed (%)
  • Max speed
  • Flight cycles

Cycle data sent off the aircraft by the DZMx:

  • Ng & Np total cycles 
  • Revenue/Run-time
  • Engine starts
  • Flight time

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