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DZMx Firefighting Solution

The Flightcell DZMx firefighting solution is fully compliant, allowing operators to meet United States, Canadian and Australian Automated Flight Forwarding (AFF) requirements. It has a built in ATU and multiple on-board inputs and tank/bucket sensors provide aircraft performance data to give you the edge.

Erickson Inc is a global aviation services company providing light, medium and

heavy-lift capability. Their Greece and Australian firefighting operations use their iconic Erickson Aircranes and superior technology to combat fire.

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DZMx key event and tracking information includes:

  • Start up, hover and stop 
  • Engine and in-flight status
  • Location and volume of water picked up and additive added
  • Exact flight path data
  • Location and volume of water and additive released
  • Identification of bucket/s or tank being used

Hamish Neill talks about DZMx communication solutions for commercial aircraft.
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Voice and data is transmitted over satellite networks when in remote locations, and cellular networks when in range. Handover between cellular and satellite is automatic and seamless. This creates a significant cost saving compared to satellite only transmission.


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