Improve turn-around time and simplify your operations.

DZMx Regional Airline Solution

The Flightcell DZMx regional airline solution improves service and turn-around time by automatically sending real-time aircraft operational data (OOOI) along with manifest and cargo information.

Voice and data is transmitted over satellite when in the air and cellular when on the ground. Handover between cellular and satellite is seamless for tracking which provides significant cost saving when compared to satellite only transmission.

DZMx key event and tracking information includes:

  • Manifest and cargo data automation (customisable)
  • Door close and open events
  • Brakes off and on events
  • Take-off and landing events
  • Real-time flight position data
  • Pilots restricted to essential keypad functions only
  • Privacy handset options for the cabin
  • Customisable forms for EFB function
  • Data link to other on-board systems

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