Firmware Decision Flowchart


DZMx Hardware Revision 4 Determination

There are three ways to determine if your DZMx has  Revision 4 hardware. Use any of these methods:

Method 1. 'Hardware Version 4' will be displayed in the 'About' section of DZMx Connect. NOTE: you will need to be logged in as 'Admin' profile to view this section.
Method 2. The DZMx part number on the label will have two sets of dash numbers e.g. DZP_04-800-BSW (The first set of dash numbers will be 3 numbers and the second set of dash numbers will be between 1-4 letters).
Method 3.  Most Revision 4 units will have 'Rev. No.: 4.0.' displayed on the label. Some units shipped prior to May 2020 did not have a revision number on the label.