Customer Testimonials

The Flightcell DZMx is an excellent, reliable product
Bristow Search and Rescue (SAR)
United Kingdom

Bristow Group is the leading provider of industrial aviation services offering helicopter transportation, search and rescue (SAR) and aircraft support services, including helicopter maintenance and training, to government and civil organizations worldwide.

“The Flightcell DZMx is an excellent, reliable product. Every one of our UK SAR helicopters has a Flightcell DZM unit on board for satellite and cellular telephone communications, but its primary use is in providing “in flight” real time tracking of our SAR helicopters. Flightcell have provided excellent tech support on the rare occasion it has been required.”

“… the pilot and crew can communicate directly with the casualties, to get vital information and clues to their whereabouts”

Ian Middleton
Engineering Manager
Their ongoing customer service is unparalleled regardless of time zones

Erickson Inc
Greece & Australia

Erickson Inc is a global aviation services company providing self-reliant utility aircraft for light, medium and heavy-lift capability. Its firefighting operations, using the iconic Erickson Aircranes, achieve highly effective performance ratings and technology has a large part to play in doing so.

"The DZMx came highly recommended from another operator and as we had already been using the Flightcell Pro for many years, the choice was an easy one. The product is seamless in regard to set up between venues, it is simple and works very well. We had terrific support from Flightcell during the initial set up phase of implementing the units and their ongoing customer service is unparalleled regardless of time zones."

Jeff Zuill - General Manager, Greece & Australia
The capability of the DZMx and the size and price, makes it one of the very best equipment choices
Assan Aviation Industry

Assan Aviation Industry is a supplier of lifecycle solutions and long-term technical support for the defence and airline industries. They provide turnkey engineering, installation and integration solutions for high-profile government organisations - like the Turkish Air Force. 

“The capability of the DZMx and the size and price, makes it one of the very best equipment choices. Its quality and installation is very easy. There are no ongoing maintenance or repair charges and operating costs are very low.”

“The crew [Turkish Air Force] made calls and sent SMS messages from several locations including remote mountains and valleys. They were very satisfied with both the DZMx and the Iridium service. They were very impressed with the DZMx voice quality in particular”

Alev Adamey
General Manager
It is definitely reliable and reliability is everything… their support is immediate and helpful and you don’t get treated like an idiot
Paradise Helicopters

Paradise Helicopters has been operating tours and charters around the picturesque Hawaiian Islands since 1997. They offer  personable tours with a customer focus, which makes for a uniquely Hawaiian experience. 

“I like the DZMx cellular tracking and TracPlus... when I look at it in the cockpit I understand what it’s doing, it’s very simple… it is definitely reliable and reliability 
is  everything… their support is immediate and helpful and you don’t get treated like an idiot”.

Calvin Dorn
President & Director of Operations
We chose the Flightcell’s DZM systems because crystal clear communications and uninterrupted tracking

Garden City Helicopters Ltd
New Zealand

Garden City Helicopters is a leading provider of commercial, air rescue, ambulance and tourism services in New Zealand’s mountainous South Island. They were one of Flightcell’s first clients and they have been using their systems for over a decade. Garden City Helicopters use DZMx with remote head functionality, allowing both the pilot and flight crew to communicate with essential ground services.

“We chose the Flightcell’s DZM systems because crystal clear communications and uninterrupted tracking can make the difference between life and death when operating Search and Rescue.”

“As soon as we were presented with the Flightcell DZMx we leapt on the opportunity to install the smaller and lighter unit for our new twin engine BK117. Our costs are lightweight too – as the cellular connection has slashed our voice, data and tracking costs significantly!”

“As well as compact size, the Flightcell DZMx includes game-changing technology and we can customize the product for our exact needs. Once again the forward thinking developers at Flightcell have gone way beyond what we as customers thought we needed.”

Tim Douglas-Clifford
Base Manager
They are very reliable, simple to install and straight forward to operate
Kenn Borek Air Ltd

As an operator of over 45 aircraft, Kenn Borek Air is in constant communication with its aircraft. They operate from the North Pole to the South Pole; in very extreme weather and conditions, with communication requirements via Iridium satellite through Satphone and Flight Following equipment.

"We work with a number of different Flight following systems installed both by our own Avionics Shop and other install facilities, and due to reliability issues, were forced to look elsewhere for Satphone and Flight following solutions".

"To date, we have installed five Flightcell DZM3 units in our Twin Otter aircraft, and have enjoyed great success with them. They are very reliable, simple to install and straight forward to operate. We have not had any problems activating them or operating them and enjoy the flexibility of where the Flight following information can be transmitted to".

"As it is DZUS mounted and standard control head size, it can be mounted in many locations easily. Also, as it is installed in the cockpit, with no remote units, it is always at operating temperature, easily accessible for line maintenance and relatively free of external environmental conditions. The DZM3 uses a single antenna, with 2 connections. The capability of a separate handset install for the aircraft cabin increases the flexibility of the DZM3".

"We have multiple customers with different Flight following servers, and where most Flight following systems only can be sent to one server, the Flightcell units can transmit Flight following information to multiple servers".

"The DZM3 has a flexible from factor, has not physically changed from previous products, and it is very simple to complete firmware upgrades, etc".

"Due to the successes we have had with the DZM3, we intend retrofit our entire fleet with Flightcell units".

Dan Van Reede
Avionics Manager
This system is an enabler for economic success

New Zealand

Aerospread is a successful aerial top dressing operator serving New Zealand’s Hawkes Bay region, operating three fixed wing aircraft and six loader vehicles. They are passionate about continual improvement and safety and are well on their way to having a complete paperless system thanks to automated flight, load and trend reporting. 

“The DZMx is a pretty cool piece of kit. Wireless data from the loader scales is displayed to the pilot in the cockpit and from a remote location we can monitor load weights, take-off and landing times and the aircraft flight path. We are able to calculate the area covered and compare what was used and we can even send map information from one aircraft to another - allowing it to start where the previous aircraft left off."  

“This system is an enabler for economic success. Just recently we noticed a pilot was being affected by wind and the job was becoming uneconomical, as a result of this data, we were able to direct him to another, more profitable, location.” 

“From a safety perspective we can ensure the aircraft are not being overloaded and in the event of an accident the rescue helicopter can be directed to the exact location in a matter of minutes”.

Bruce Peterson
Managing Director / Pilot (Committee Member NZAAA)
You all provided exceptional product support to the extent that I have never experienced in my aviation career

EPS Helicopter Services

"I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to the NZ Flightcell team. You all provided exceptional product support to the extent that I have never experienced in my aviation career". Our company has been utilising your product for around 6 or 7 years now and after today’s experience we will be a customer for many more to come. If any of you ever make it to Sydney, please give me a call and lunch is on me."
Geoff Sprod
Chief Pilot & General Manager