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Flightcell pioneered the development of airborne integrated mobile communications in 1995.

In 1995, frustrated that he could not use his cellphone whilst flying, New Zealand pilot John Wyllie developed Flightcell - the world’s first cellphone to headset interface. John formed Flightcell international Ltd to take his invention to the world, and the company has since been at the forefront of aviation communications integration technology, developing the Flightcell Pro and Flightcell DZM systems.
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Flightcell Testimonials

EPS Helicopter Services - Sydney, Australia

"You all provided exceptional product support to the extent that I have never experienced in my aviation career. Our company has been utilising your product for around 6 or 7 years now and after today’s experience we will be a customer for many more to come." Read more

Geoff Sprod, General Manager

Kenn Borek Air Ltd 
- Calgary, Canada

"To date, we have installed five Flightcell DZM3 units in our Twin Otter aircraft, and have enjoyed great success with them. They are very reliable, simple to install and straight forward to operate. We have not had any problems activating them or operating them and enjoy the flexibility of where the Flight following information can be transmitted to."  Read more

Dan Van Reede -Avionics Manager

Flightcell's aviation communication and tracking solutions provide global voice, data and flight-following.

Undertaking continuous research and development since the first unit was designed in 1995, Flightcell have now developed the world's smallest, lightest, toughest and smartest satellite communication and tracking system - Flightcell DZMx.

Flightcell DZM   Flightcell Pro   Flightcell satphone cradle

Flightcell DZMx - installed satphone, data & tracking


Flightcell Pro - portable communications hub


Flightcell cradles for Iridium satellite phones

Global coverage in one lightweight, panel mounted unit. DZMx provides voice, data and tracking via cell and satellite phone networks.

  • Event-driven global GPS tracking
  • Data transfer, email and SMS
  • Easy installation, minimal wiring
  • Secure encryption option
  • Multiple mapping service provider options
  An all-in-one portable hub that connects multiple devices to your intercom system, and delivers enhanced, high-quality audio.

  • Satellite and mobile phones
  • Wireless connectivity to Bluetooth enabled phones
  • Aviation / non-aviation radios
  • iPod / MP3 music player
  • Video camera / Laptop
  The Flightcell cradle provides a secure dock with built-in connections for your Iridium satellite phone in mobile environments.

  • Fits 9505/A, 9555, 9575 models
  • Rugged MILSPEC construction
  • Intelligent digital / analog interface
  • Supports remote connections
  • Rated to 16+G
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Flightcell product support

All Flightcell products are built to exacting standards using the highest quality components and are fully supported by our technical team to ensure you get the most out of your communications device.


The latest downloads for some of Flightcell's products are listed below. For the full range of support documents, please go to our Support page.


Flightcell DZMx


Flightcell Pro


Flightcell Iridium cradle

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