Flightcell DZMx: The world's only all-in-one solution for global voice, data, messaging and flight tracking.

Flightcell provide a range of cellular and satellite
communication and tracking solutions for aviation.

Flightcell DZMx

The worlds smallest, lightest and
smartest satcom system:
  • Global voice
  • Global GPS tracking
  • Global data and messaging
  • All in one box

Flightcell Iridium Cradle

A rugged docking cradle for Iridium 9575, 9555 & 9505/A satellite phones:
  • Snap-and-go portability
  • Built to Milspec, rated to 16G
  • Fully connected to ICS and power

DZM Remote Head

A compact, lightweight second control head for your DZM system:
  • Provides full remote control
  • Install up to 2 additional remote heads
  • Ideal for crowded avionics spaces

Flightcell Pro

A portable hub that connects multiple devices to your aircraft's intercom:
  • Supports global voice via satellite
  • Enhanced, high-quality audio
  • Works with Bluetooth enabled cellphones

Flightcell provide comprehensive product and installation support.

All Flightcell products are built to exacting standards using the highest quality components and are fully
supported by our technical team to ensure you get the most out of your communications device.

For the full range of support documents, please go to our Support page.

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Testimonials for our products, service and support

You all provided exceptional product support to the extent that I have never experienced in my aviation career. Our company has been utilising your product for around 6 or 7 years now and after today’s experience we will be a customer for many more to come.
Geoff Sprod, General Manager - EPS Helicopter Services, Sydney
To date, we have installed five Flightcell DZM3 units in our Twin Otter aircraft and have enjoyed great success with them. They are very reliable, simple to install and straight forward to operate. We have not had any problems activating them or operating them and enjoy the flexibility of where the flight following information can be transmitted to.
Dan Van Reede, Avionics Manager - Kenn Borek Air Ltd, Calgary