Flightcell products

Flightcell's range of integrated cellular and satellite communication and tracking solutions for aviation.

Undertaking continuous research and development since they designed the first cellphone interface in 1995, Flightcell have designed a range of innovative aviation communication products, including the world's smallest, lightest, toughest and smartest satellite communication and tracking system - Flightcell DZMx.

Earlier versions of the Flightcell DZM system (DZM1, DZM2 and DZM3) are still supported but no longer in active development.

Flightcell DZMx

Flightcell DZMx

The worlds smallest, lightest and smartest satcom system

  • Global satellite and cellular voice
  • Global GPS aircraft tracking
  • Global data and messaging
  • All-in-one box
  •  Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT) option
  •  Built in WiFi and Bluetooth options

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Flightcell Iridium Cradle

Flightcell Iridium phone cradles

A rugged docking cradle for the Iridium Extreme, 9555 and 9505/A
satellite phones

  • Snap-and-go portability
  • Built to Milspec, rated to 16G
  • Fully connected to ICS and power
  • Intelligent digital/analog interface

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DZMx Remote Head

A compact, lightweight second control head for your DZMx system

  • Provides full remote control
  • Install up to 2 additional remote heads
  • Ideal for crowded avionics spaces
  • NVIS compatible

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Flightcell Iridium Modem

Flightcell Iridium modem

A tough multi-band modem for voice and data communications over the Iridium satellite network

  • Designed to meet DO160G
  • Meets FCC Standards
  • RS232, RS485 or USB data
  • Weatherproof SIM card slot

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