The world’s only all-in-one satellite and cellular solution for global voice, data and aircraft tracking.

The Flightcell DZMx is easily customised and configured to enhance your operation. It provides extensive voice, data and tracking capabilities in a small and lightweight form-factor.

Flightcell DZMx capability overview


Connected to the Intercom (ICS)

Cellular calling and global reach via Iridium network

Remote head options from the cabin

One or two voice channels with simultaneous calling capability

Crystal clear, enhanced audio

Connect an Iridium handset for a portable capability on the ground

Cellular call forwarding capability


Access the internet using cellular broadband data

Send and receive text messages and emails

Transmit 3rd party FDM data and exceedances in real-time

FDR to meet FAA rule  135.607 for Helicopter Air Ambulances (HAA)

Transmit 12-lead ECG reports to the emergency department

Transfer Dropbox files over cellular and emails over Iridium SBD

Check weather and LZ info in-flight


Auto-switching between satellite and cellular

AFF compliant in U.S.A, Canada and Australia

Fully unlocked feed. Works with all major mapping providers

Cost-effective 15-second Cellular IP tracking

Emergency and rescue monitoring modes

Accurate satellite in-fill Truepath© tracking

Mission marking: map single press keypad buttons to txt messages


WiFi and Bluetooth® connectivity options

Iridium Push To Talk (PTT) option for one-to-many communications

Secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) option

Direction finding option. Locate VHF, UHF and marine beacons

Hobbs meter and flight timers

Marine Automatic Identification System (AIS) option

Industry specific application software options

Flexible configuration options

Flightcell DZMx is cleverly designed to let you choose from multiple voice and data configurations, connecting your aircraft to the world via the Iridium satellite narrowband and cellular broadband networks.

Multiple satellite and cellular channel options

Integrated voice calls via your aircraft’s intercom

DZMx provides dual-channel Iridium satellite and/or cellular network communications through your aircraft's intercom. Experience crystal clear High Definition (HD) voice through your headset, and pair mobile devices with Bluetooth.

NEW  Built-in WiFi and Bluetooth®

Flightcell DZMx now with WiFI and Bluetooth built in
Flightcell now offers a built-in WiFi and Bluetooth® option for all DZMx configurations.  WiFi and Bluetooth® hardware and antennas are all located within the DZMx housing, so no external hardware is required.

Flightcell DZMx with WiFi

Provides a cellular broadband data connection for onboard smart devices and connected equipment. A dedicated app provides SMS and SBD messaging, voice calling capability, and DZMx configuration and contacts management. Bluetooth® is bundled with the WiFi option. Click here to learn more.

Flightcell DZMx with 

Bluetooth® allows you to pair and connect onboard devices to the aircraft's ICS. Mobile phone calls can be taken through the headset, providing a handsfree capability, and there is the added ability to stream audio. WiFi is bundled with the Bluetooth® option. Click here to learn more.

Messaging and broadband data via connected devices.

With its built-in modem (or modems) Flightcell DZMx lets you use a connected PC, tablet or keypad to create, send and receive messages and email.

Uninterrupted GPS dual mode aircraft tracking via satellite and cellular networks to significantly reduce your tracking costs.


Whether you go out of network range, make a call or send data, DZMx keeps on tracking by auto-switching to the best available option:

Choose your tracking provider.

DZMx is unlocked - there are no airtime or data lock-ins. Unlike other products, with Flightcell DZMx you can choose your mapping service provider and change to a different provider at any time.

Click here for a list of Flightcell's approved tracking providers.

Multiple connection options for your devices

DZMx is incredibly versatile, giving you multiple interface and protocol options for connecting your devices:

  • USB plug in port
  • D25 Serial Connectors (male and female)
  • RS232, 432, 485, ARINC 429
  • BNC satellite or cellphone antenna connection
  • TNC GPS antenna connection
  • Ethernet and USB

Iridium® PTT for Aviation

Flightcell DZMx is equipped with Iridium® Push-To-Talk (PTT) - a global one-to-many capability that takes the traditional “walkie talkie” concept to a whole new level.

DZMx remote head unit

The optional DZMx remote head unit allows full operational functionality from one or multiple remote locations on the aircraft.

The DZMx remote head measures only 22.2mm (0.87 inches) deep, making it ideal for crowded avionics spaces.

More on the Remote Head

Industry specific solutions from Flightcell DZMx

DZMx's on-board apps provide solutions across a range of industries and applications.
Click on the images below for more details.

Fire Fighting


Air Medical & SAR

Law Enforcement

Regional Airlines