Flightcell product return (RMA) and service information

If you are experiencing a problem with your Flightcell equipment, click on the button below to contact our support team.

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If it is decided that you need to return the equipment, you must complete and send a Returned Materials Authorisation (RMA) form before shipping any products for repair.
This applies for ALL Flightcell products and equipment:
Flightcell Pro, Flightcell DZM products, Flightcell Iridium Cradles and ALL associated accessories.

Please click the button below to open the RMA form.

Note: For DZMx upgrades use the form at the bottom of this page

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DZMx Upgrades

If you are returning a Flightcell DZMx product for a  WiFi/Bluetooth upgrade, a modem upgrade, or a Platform 2 (v2.x.x) to Platform 3 (v3.x.x) firmware upgrade you will need to complete an upgrade form before shipping the product. Important Note: Platform 3 firmware does not support POTS cabin phone functionality.

Click on the button below to complete an upgrade request form.

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